Road of bones by bikes
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The most important thing for us is the safety and comfort of all travelers, which is why the following details must be mentioned:
  • Duration:
    12 days
  • Distance covered:
    1200 km
  • Level:
  • Meeting point:
    Yakutsk, Russia
  • Gear:
    Each rider must have a good motocross helmet, mask, protection of the neck, elbows, shell, and motorcycle boots. This rule has no exceptions and applies even to Chuck Norris himself
  • Support:
    All groups are accompanied by an all-terrain technical support vehicle that carries parts, provisions and tents. It is also used to help members get across rivers and water obstacles if getting across on the motorcycle is impossible. The English speaking guide meets the riders in Yakutsk and escorts throughout the whole route
  • Rescue:
    When we enter the route, we notify the local Ministry of Emergency Situations, in case of any accidents they will react immediately. Moreover, the group always has our own rescue helicopter in case of a serious emergency
  • Food and Comfort:
    Each rider is supplied with a modern tent but not with a sleeping bag. So, please take your own ones. All the food is being carried by support team and  cooked over a fire. We also go fishing (we only camp on the banks of rivers and streams)
  • Cell Phone Connection:
    Over 80% of the route there is no cell phone connection. The guide has a satellite phone you can use to call your fiancé and brag about your adventures at the end of a long day. The cost per minute is 1 USD
  • Medical Insurance:
    Each rider is obliged to have his own medical insurance. Not included in the price
  • Price:
    4500 USD per rider. Includes: air tickets Yakutsk - Tomtor - Yakutsk, bikes rental, gas, all meals, tents and guest houses accomodation, support vehicle and hellicopter. Not included: flight from any part of the Earth to Yakutsk and back, accomodation in Yakutsk, medical insurance, alcohol
Route day by day
  • Day 1. We fly in the morning from Yakutsk to Tomtor (800 km) flight about 3 hours. We stay at the guest house getting ready for the ride.
  • Day 2. First day on the bikes. We are going on old road to Kubume river (150 km). The road is quiet easy to get started but some bridges are missing. We will have lunch at the road cafe and will have a camp somewhere by the river.
  • Day 3. We are riding on the federal road up towards to Ust Nera (150 km). This is a part of the new road. No asphalt. Lunch and camping by the river.
  • Day 4. Riding from to Ust Nera (170 km). Night in the hotel with hot shower.
  • Day 5. From Ust Nera we are going down to Magadan region to the ghost town Kadikchan (320 km) and turning right to the old road of bones. Camping near Kadikchan.
  • Day 6-7. Riding the old road of bones (230 km). The conditions may be not so good, it might take up to 2 nights.
  • Day 8. Coming back to Tomtor and staying in the guest house with Russian sauna.
  • Day 9. Stay in Tomtor for sightseeing, riding to the Pole of cold, visit the frozen cave. Taking helicopter to lake Labynkyr as an option.
  • Day 10. Flight from Tomtor to Yakutsk.

Along the road we will visit some inhabited towns and GULAG camps. Please note that we can change the schedule depending on the weather conditions or according to all members request.

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