Road of bones by bikes
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Road of bones
Everybody has their own path in life. For some, this path lies through the sea – an adventure with saltwater splashes and wind. For others, this path is covered with crevices and passes, with an ice axe stuck in the side of a mountain ledge. For others still, the path is dusty, with the smell of oil, gasoline and roaring bikes. Some swim, others fly. Many do everything all at once. All of them are slightly insane – uneven tans, fiery eyes, mischievous smiles, endless stories and unrealistic plans. Looking at maps thrills them, but the idea of being stuck on a tour bus bores them. They have existed since the dawn of humanity, starting with the first people who decided to leave their caves and ending with our contemporaries who are currently preparing for a trip to Mars. Our adventure club Latitude55 and our Road of Bones route in Kolyma exist precisely for these types of adventure-seekers. For everybody who is at sea, in the mountains, exploring new paths in the snow, walking through the storm. For those who plan, build fires, pack up their parachutes and zip up their backpacks.For those who have broken up with their couches and their doubts, for those who are shy or loud, for children and adults, for dreamers and realists. For everybody who is slightly afraid, but smiles and powers through. For those who are in love, who believe, want and live. For those who dare look at the horizon in front of them. For everybody who is on their way!


If you are reading this, it means that you have taken the first step – the most important and difficult step to take toward new adventures. Our route runs through the famous Road of Bones in Kolyma. GULAG prisoners paved this path in the middle of the 20 th century, when the USSR was developing the northeastern part of the country. This route is not currently in use, mostly because it is difficult to maintain bridges along this path – the rushing streams of water demolish everything in the spring. The Road of Bones is 1,000 kilometers of off-road adventure, 117 water obstacles, age-old taiga and true romance. This is one of the most difficult motor tracks in the world. The most challenging part is the fact that the road doesn’t actually exist – we have to pave it over each time we make a trip. Making it across is definitely something to be proud of. In case we have spare time, we are going to stop by the legendary Labynkyr Lake, which supposedly houses a creature that is meaner and three times as big as the Loch Ness monster.
Available dates for summer 2017:
  • 2017 June 27 - July 06
    (4 available)
  • 2017 Jule 25 - August 03
    (6 available)
  • 2017 August 08 - August 17
    (6 available)
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